It is difficult to determine the price of a cake as each one is so unique. Pricing really depends upon the level of decoration required, whether 3D modelling is needed and of course the size of the overall cake.

The following table provides a general guide as to the cost of a cake, although please be aware that it really does depend on each individual request. These prices are associated with simple round cakes with basic decoration.


Cake Size Flavour Portions Price (*)
6 Round Chocolate/Vanilla sponge 12 (2x1) 40.00
7 Round Chocolate/Vanilla sponge 17 (2x1) 45.00
8 Round Chocolate/Vanilla sponge 24 (2x1) 50.00
9 Round Chocolate/Vanilla sponge 28 (2x1) 55.00
10 Round Chocolate/Vanilla sponge 35 (2x1) 60.00
12 Round Chocolate/Vanilla sponge 57 (2x1) 70.00

(*) For fruit cake, please add an additional £10 to the prices above.


Quantity Price Size
Box of 6 12.00 - Chocolate/Vanilla 3 diameter x 2
Box of 12 20.00 Chocolate/Vanilla 3 diameter x 2
Box of 24 35.00 Chocolate/Vanilla 3 diameter x 2

Giant Cupcake

Type Price Size
Chocolate/Vanilla 55.00 7 diameter x 8
Fruit 65.00 7 diameter x 8

Mini Cakes

Type Price Size
Chocolate/Vanilla 6.00 each / minimum order of 12 2.5 diameter x 3
Fruit 8.00 each / minimum order of 12 2.5 diameter x 3


Please look at the Order page to see how to order and instructions on how to pay.

Cake Stands

I do have a selection of cake stands which are available for hire for a fee of £15.00 plus £20.00 returnable deposit, please contact me if you would like to hire a stand to accompany your cake or cupcake order.

elegant and simple curved wire cake stand Stand 1

simple transparent 5-tiered stand Stand 2

red 3-tier stand Stand 3

ornate 4-tier wire stand Stand 4

presentational cake stand Stand 5

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